Everyone gathers at Emma and Andy’s home. Their parents have decided to make a dedicated place for these friends with a simple building structure and outside area that is separate from the house but still links with the garden.

The parents have suggested that Emma, Andy and friends come up with a design that will accommodate groups of friends staying overnight, with outdoor facilities that will keep them occupied whilst creating fun. This could include a spa pool, outdoor movie screen, BBQ, etc. There is opportunity to stretch the imagination and add elements that would be great fun.

You do not need to design the building but assume that it will be approximately 6m x 8m. The walls may be placed on the boundary of your designed garden so indicate where the doors are as this will be critical to the way people move in and out of the building and to the various activities in the garden.

The garden area is 18m x 25m and should be drawn in plan view at 1:100 scale; that is every centimetre = 1 meter.  A North point is to be shown on each plan view and generally pointing to the top of the page (not the bottom).


  • You have an unlimited budget
  • Who will be using the garden and what are they doing here
  • Requirements for sun / shade / wind
  • Access and flow through the area
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Plants that create mood, seasonal change, are robust
  • Working with a theme or style
  • Most importantly be wildly creative and make it a fun place!

Pay attention to variation of line weight to give a sense of hierarchy and depth on all drawings.

You need to hand in:

  • Explore TWO alternative concepts for the garden.  Work in plan view. (2 x A3 sheets). 
  • Design one element, an art work, seat, wall, BBQ etc., and describe the materials (not to scale. (1 x A3 sheet).
  • Complete one final concept; work up into a detailed plan showing material use, details mentioned above, tree species and at least 5 other plants named and located on the plan.  Annotate on the plan with brief descriptions of these aspects. Label clearly e.g. Building, Spa pool, BBQ etc., (1 x A3 sheet).
  • Complete at least one elevation and one cross section drawing showing design details. (1 x A3 sheet).
  • Complete at least one perspective drawing showing an overview of your garden design. (1 x A3 sheet).

Judges will look for the following:

  • appropriate siting of structures in relation to site conditions.
  • the functionality of activity on the site, such as circulation.
  • a good understanding of proportion and scale.
  • originality and creativity.
  • selection of materials and their use.
  • good clear graphic presentation.

To ensure a favourable outcome read and follow the above judging criteria.
Each entry should comprise of (5 x A3 sheets) on completion.
Comply with all Conditions of Entry and Presentation Criteria.
Sketches and sections that show the character of your design are encouraged.
Computer graphics are entirely optional: free-hand drawing is equally acceptable. Colour rendering is recommended.

Graphics, Design, Art, Geography, History, Classical Studies and Horticulture.



Regional Cafe:
Investors in a semi rural location of your choice want to capitalise on the tourism potential and local population within an area that is on a main transport route or a place that has natural landscape character for example near the sea, ski fields etc.

Located in an area of your choice, within New Zealand, the proposed building is a Café with an outdoor eating area. This could be a street-side area or the rear of the café or an alleyway space that may have other retail outlets.

The emphasis is on an indoor/outdoor flow and design that captures the character of the place that would make it an attraction to tourists.

Your site location must show:

  • The proximity of the café to the main road of the nearest town also indicating the route the locals may take to arrive at the café either by vehicle, as a pedestrian or by bicycle.
  • The outdoor seating area and location of building relevant to site.
  • Any natural land features such as water, rolling hills and significant views from the site.

The café would serve full café fare from light lunches to freshly baked sweet things to the best coffee in the region.

The café will need an area to seat 60 people at its summer lunchtime peak, with indoor outdoor flow and a well sited kitchen to service the café. Also required are toilets and an area where art objects or a specialised product specific to the region can be purchased.
It is imagined the building will be about 160m². A car park will be needed for 16 cars and two tourist buses plus a courtesy van and or taxi parking area.

You must make notes on climate, indicate best placement relevant to weather and prevailing winds in the region.
Provide reasons for your choice of materials, orientation, layout etc.


Kiwi Bach:
You have been asked to design a Kiwi bach to accommodate up to 10 people. Explore creative ideas that allow spaces to be flexible for groups of various sizes. Depending on the chosen location and climate there may be options of outdoor sleeping and bathroom facilities or communal shared facilities.

Pay particular attention to the location for cues that indicate regionalism in your design. Consider views, sun, shade, wind, general physical environment including topography, sustainability and security if the dwelling is to remain unoccupied for periods.

You must make notes on climate, indicate best placement relevant to weather and prevailing winds in the region.
Provide reasons for your choice of materials, orientation, layout etc.

Interior Design can be for either the Café and or the Kiwi bach.
Both clients may want suggestions for furniture, indoor and outdoor, sound systems, security, sustainable creative use of energy in the kitchen and bathroom, all accessories including shower system with possibly water recirculation for irrigation of gardens etc.

Provide a plan to scale, interior elevations, and internal perspective.